Top 10 Debutants In 2015 Kannada Article
In this article, there is a compilation of all the debutants from actors, actresses to directors who gave their debut in 2015.
In the ' Darling' movie, Prakash gave his debut as a hero, who was a successful director before. This movie got released in Pongal. Who thought that with such a small budget the movie could be a blockbuster .After this picture, many movies got lined up for this actor.
She is the only actress who signed for several movies even before giving her debut. Even though her debut couldn't do well in Box office, her acting, we can say that she is a promising star and has a bright future. She has many movies in pockets with big stars, she is a great actresses entering in the K-town.  
Having a lot of ads campaigns this actor was a model who did some movies in Bollywood. His looks and physique grabbed the attention of South India. Upen gave the debut as a villain and did well. Now he has many South Indian films in hand. 
Deepa, a young girl from Bangalore gave an average debut but scored a six in the next movie. Kollywood got another promising Star doing well in her duo roles in her starting picture. She portrayed the story in a different manner which made it even more attractive. 
One of the famous singers in K-town has turned into an actor. He did the police-villain role in his debut movie. Even though his acting had risen some mixed feelings, but this bad boy got another movie in hand.
Not a good debut for her in Bollywood. She’s rocking in K-town. Taking acting as a challenge and by performing more than expected she is now on the driving seat with loads of movies in her hand. Even if she has many movies in her hand nothing has been finalized yet. 
New music composer is in K-town giving super-duper hit songs in his debut picture. For several weeks, one of his songs was on Mirchi charts.  
Even though many other faces were there in her debut work, her performance was a step ahead taking many eyes. Her notable performance gifted her many films in the near future. 
This new director who gave double meaning dialogues in his first movie was a superhit. He will be working with a Star, which is still a surprise.  
First movie and Kamal Haasan is in his movie. A foreign language film was an inspiration for this picture, but the script changed, so that it could suit South Indian Audience.