Top 10 State Film Award Winners For Best Villain

Top 10 State Film Award Winners For Best Villain Tamil Article
1)  Rajendran - Stunt
He got this award in 2008, for the role of 'Thandavan' in the movie ' Naan Kadavul'. He is a cruel ruler; ruling mentally and physically challenged beggars according to the script.
2) ' Suman'
In 2007, he got this award for the role of 'Adiseshan' in the movie ' Sivaji'. His role was to act as one of those millionaires who have hidden their black money. Adisheshan is showcased as a powerful personality having the support of police; MLA's and ministers behind him.
In the year 2006, Pasupathy won this award for the role of 'Nellai Mani' for the movie 'E'. He did an eye-catching act from being a villain to pairing up with the hero.
He is famous for the negative role and proved it by winning this award in the year 2005. His role was a cop, DCP Prabhakar in search of 'Anniyan'. 
5) ' Robert'
For the movie ' Dancer', Robert got this award in 2004. This film is all about a dancer who is a handicap. Robert being a choreographer did the antagonist's role very well in this picture.
His role as a Shyam in the movie 'Power of Women' took him to a different level. He won this award in the year 2003. He has a passport business illegally, and he was a negative husband according to the script.
7) ' Nassar'
'Rathnam' is the character which got him this award in 2002 for the movie ' Thamizh'. His role is being an enemy of people. A job which he did more than expected made him deserve this award.
8) ' Alex'
He got an uncle role in the movie 'Mitta Miraasu' which got him this award in 2001. The negative role suited him, and he did well in the film. 
9) Prakash Raj
Prakash was a friend who started envying his friends life and his love; according to the script in ' Vaanavil'. The amount of feeling he put in the film is visible. Prakash got this award in the year 2000.
'Aranganathan' is the character he did, who was the Chief Minister in the movie ' Mudhalvan'. He won this award in 1999 for this film which was a big hit at the box office. Raghuvaran is a villain who proved his worth many times in Kollywood.


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