Dance Director Thara Speaks About How Dance Should Be Practiced

2018-03-13 14:05

Dance Director Thara Speaks About How Dance Should Be Practiced

There have been a number of dance directors in the South Indian cine field. The noted icon Thara is noted as a choreographer for nearly 45 years. The choreographer happened to be responsible for 3000 movies. She added that the dance direction for the present generation happened to be the same. During overwhelming occasions and tragic occasions the same steps are observed. There have been a number of steps but the rule has been violated. It is to be noted that Thara is a talented director in the field of cinema. She happened to make entry into the field in 1964 and during the year of 1975 she turned out to be the independent dance director.

In the field of Kannada cinema, she has done her part with majority of the top stars. In the field of South Indian cinema, she happens to have never missed the hero or the main character of the movie. She added that Kannada Nadu and Kannada Ootta is her favorite. She also added that she forwarded her thanks to Michael Jackson who was the seer in the dance occasions.


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