Dialogue In Kannada Movie Muted

2018-04-12 16:30

Dialogue In Kannada Movie Muted

There have been a number of Kannada flicks at this point of time which have caused a controversy. Well before the release of the Kannada flick Seizer, it caused a problem by raising the issue of controversy. There were objections arisen by the actor in the movie Prakash Raj. The movie producer Trivikram Sapalya and the director Vinay Krishna maintained silence for quite some time. The director of the movie Vinay Krishna seems to have told that there is nothing to be done by Prakash Raj. There was the expected turn of events on Wednesday. The noted actor V Ravichandran happens to be a best friend of Prakash Raj

There was a telephone call from V Ravichandran made to the director Vinay Krishna. The dialogue happens to be a big point of discussion. The movie Seizer is at last releasing on Friday with mute of the dialogue. The directors of the movie have to be very careful about writing dialogues for movies.


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