Did Prem Get Success In His 25th?

2018-04-15 14:35

Did Prem Get Success In His 25th?
“Dalapathi,” the 25th film of Prem Kumar is scripted and directed by Prashant Raj. The film has Kriti Kharbanda, Padmaja Rao, Sanketh Kashi, Sharath Lohitashwa and “ Chikkanna” along with Prem. Kriti Kharbanda looks gorgeous and has given a decent performance. Prem is a typical commercial hero in a brand new mass avatar in Dalapathi. His fans love to watch him in this action performance. Sharath Lohitashwa has done the usual villain role. However, his performance is not impressive this time. The dialogues, cinematography and the production designing works are neat. Chikkanna’s comedy is not worthy and hence his fans are disappointed. Like “Seizer” by Chiranjeevi Sarja, Dalapathi is also a regular commercial flick, this week.


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