Gayathri Ravi Showers Praise On Director Roopa Iyer

2018-03-13 14:35

Gayathri Ravi Showers Praise On Director Roopa Iyer

There have been a number of developments in the Kannada cine field of late. There is an NRI Gayathri, who happens to be the producer of Namo True Indian. She has made a statement, that the director of the movie Roopa Iyer is like her eldest daughter. She has said that she is making the claim in the availability of Roopa Iyer’s mother. It is due to the wide knowledge and excellence she possesses in taking the necessary step. It is to be noted that Colors Kannada and Friday Cinema are here for a joint venture. She said that she loves the actress in Roopa Iyer very much.

She happens to be the power house, and there is a certain lingering divinity in her. Also, she added that she has been watching Roopa Iyer from the very first venture. Thus, the movie director has emerged to bea true one and there is the accomplishment in her. She made an entry into the house as Lakshmi and from then on there was flourishing of the trade.


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