Give Your Wife A Free Space To Act On Her Own – Shilpa Ganesh

2018-02-13 12:45

Give Your Wife A Free Space To Act On Her Own – Shilpa Ganesh
Golden Star “ Ganesh” and Shilpa are one among the few ideal star couples of Sandalwood. They celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on 11th February in the Valentine’s Day Week. When asked about their relationship and bonding, both of them shared their love and respect on one another. Both of them say that besides loving, the couple should have a mutual understanding and they should leave some space for the other to relax personally. Ganesh wouldn’t react much when Shilpa is angry and understands the situation and this is the point Shilpa says proudly about Ganesh. Ganesh doesn’t interfere with all the things, which Shilpa does and he gives her personal space to act on her own. Ganesh says that more than a wife, Shilpa is his good friend and she supports him rather than controlling. Shilpa means that not only the romantic relationship but all the relationship needs some personal space. She also insists that one shouldn’t judge others and conclude in a hurry.


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