Kannada Movie Psycho Shankar Braces Up For Release

2017-10-26 12:35

Kannada Movie Psycho Shankar Braces Up For Release

There have been a number of Kannada movies with great variety in them. Many movies in Kannada captivate the attention of the fans. The Kannada film Psycho Shankar is loosely based on the rape and murders carried out by a criminal from Salem. The movie portrays the prevalent scenario among the public when he escaped from the prison. During the time of September 2013 Jai Shankar also called the Psycho Shankar was searched in 30 cases of rapes and murders. He seems to have escaped the prison. The criminal was located within a week of escape from the prison.

The prevalent tension amidst the masses is the inspiration for make of the movie, said the director. The movie is by a director named Puneeth Arya. In a turn of events, the movie Shankra was started off and it got suspended. The movie actor Naveen Krishna was the lead role in the movie. The title of the movie is same as his name. The movie is bracing up for release with the caption Still Alive. Navarasan has done the role in the movie. There are no dialogues for him in the movie. His activities are shown as rapes and murders.


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