Maniratnam Movie Is A Good Launch Pad – Dayana Erappa

2018-02-13 14:15

Maniratnam Movie Is  A Good Launch Pad – Dayana Erappa
Mani Ratnam, the maverick director, has just started shooting the trilingual film Chekka Chivantha Vaanam. The film has former Miss India finalist Dayana Erappa as one among the female leads. Dayana says that she feels proud to make her debut in a film with Mani Ratnam. There will be no right launch pad like this, says Dayana. She says that he received a call from Mani Ratnam’s office to send her photos. After verifying it is from Mani Ratnam’s office, she sent her photos. Later, she was asked to take part in the audition in Mumbai. Her audition video was sent to Mani Ratnam and he asked her to meet him in Chennai. There, she was asked to take part in one more test and Mani was impressed. Dayana says that she doesn’t know till they announce her name as one among the leads and it was a pleasant surprise to her. Although she is delighted, Dayana is nervous too. We wish you all the best Dayana!


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