Meghana Raj Does Number For Kannada Flick

2017-03-15 17:45

Meghana Raj Does Number For Kannada Flick

Usually, when told on lighter vein, a deadly performance is when the actors are seen dead on silver screen. But, the joke has turned something of reality when both father and daughter remembered their dead role and took everybody by surprise. Initially, Dr Sunder Raj mentioned his Dead role in the Kannada movie Anveshane, and Meghana Raj, who is the daughter of the actor was waiting to go by the statement of her father.

Meghana recollected one among her Malayalam movies in which she played the Dead and was traveling in the lift. That was during the trailer of Lift Man and the actress remembered it. Meghana Raj has contributed her voice to a number in her father’s movie. The number Ekangi Nee… was contributed by Meghana Raj with much sweet voice. Pravin Gokindi, the music director and noted flute player had actually done the number first. But, the director wanted the voice to be a female voice. When Meghana Raj was approached, she gave her consent to doing the song.


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