Radhika Chetan Plays In A Short Film!

2016-03-26 16:55

Radhika Chetan Plays In A Short Film!
Among the Oscar entry movies from India, “ Rangi Taranga” is from Kannada. This super hit movie changed the perception of Kannada movies. With the debutants as the leads and the senior actor Sai Kumar in a prominent role, director Anup Bhandari mastered the film. Radhika Chetan played one of the female leads in Rangi Taranga. Radhika has been approached to play the lead in a short film, which the actress has nodded yes, after hearing the narration. She will be playing the role of a CBI Officer in the short film, “Never End.” Deeraj R will be directing this short film. Pran Udiyana plays the lead role along with Radhika. As the script is impressive, Radhika agreed to play, says the director. This suspense thriller deals with a murder case and how Radhika solves it is the crux of the film.


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