Srimurali Completes 15 Years In Sandalwood!

2018-08-15 19:45

Srimurali Completes 15 Years In Sandalwood!
The talented actor “ Srimurali” has completed his 15 years of stardom in Sandalwood. Srimurali’s wife Vidhya took it to Facebook and posted about her husband’s success in Sandalwood. Here is her post: “So Hugsby, completes 15years in the Industry today! I still remember the child like nervousness and excitement of his on this day 15years ago!!! From his Highest of Highs and Lowest of Lows, you guys have been with him on this journey. You have appreciated him for his good work and made him more conscious and STUBBORN for choosing good scripts and though that takes time, He is trying his best and I say that because I see that EVERYDAY. All he says is, he wants to give good entertainment for you when you go to the theatre's, he wants to be the reason for you to forget your worries for those few hours and just be entertained. His MADNESS for that is increasing and I do get worried, but i know he is in good hands with y'all! While I'am married to him, looks like he is married to his cinema's,so PLEASE continue the SAME amount of love and correct him when he is wrong! You have been so kind to him and i only have Gratitude for that! While everyone says I'am his strength i say its YOU GUY' give him a reason to do what he is so PASSIONATE about..Only you guys can guide him...Please continue being with him by his side and loving him as you've been all these years...he may be taking time or sometimes he may be wrong,he is human after all!!! So all i ask is please be patient and kind as you've ALWAYS been! My heartfelt THANK YOU for all of you who love and admire him,just THANK YOU!!!From PUTTU-BHARAATE it's been one adventurous journey and looking forward to many more adventurous and excitement and how can I forget the NERVOUSNESS!!!”


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