Najim Arshad Opines Regarding Awards Presented To Singers

2017-04-12 15:40

Najim Arshad Opines Regarding Awards Presented To Singers

Najim Arshad is a noted playback singer in the Malayalam cine field. He feels that awards do not assist in a singer’s growth in the career. During the year of 2013, Arshad was tight with schedules, and he lent his voice to about 17 Malayalam movies. When asked whether he was disappointed about not getting the state award, he said that the awards are a sort of recognition. He said that he had been nominated for many awards, but there is no disappointment in missing those awards.

At the same juncture, from what he has seen, it does not help in the growth of a singer’s career. He said that getting the approval from the audience is the best award. He said that he is getting innumerous movies. So, he said that that there is a disappointment. Arshad’s Aaro Aaro in the latest Malayalam movie Ringmaster starring Dilip turned out to be a huge hit.


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