Dhansika Reveals A Truth!

2018-03-23 15:45

Dhansika Reveals A Truth!
“Dhansika” is one of the talented stars, whose talents are unsung. She rose to fame after playing with “ Rajinikanth” as his daughter in “ Kabali.” Dhansika, who had played in a short film named "Sinam," had grabbed the Best Actress Award at the International film festival. Dhansika is happy for the award and says that she had to improvise her acting talents. The actress has signed doing a Telugu film titled “ Mela.” She says that when the director narrated the story, Dhansika didn’t take time to respond. She nodded instantly, as the script is impressive. When asked about her dual roles in the film, Dhansika stated that people would feel that her role is dual, but she plays in two dimensions. The film has Surya Tej as the hero. Dhansika reveals a truth that she plays a ghost and she has no pair. This is bilingual film and it has Bharath Reddy, “Ramdoss,” Jangiri Madhumitha and “ Ali.” The interesting news is that Dhansika performed the action sequences without using a body double.


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