It’s Bhagyaraj’s Day On Social Media!

2018-10-30 14:55

It’s Bhagyaraj’s Day On Social Media!
Many people threw tantrums on “ K Bhagyaraj,” the President of the South Indian Film Writers’ Association for supporting Varun Rajendran and issued a statement relating to “ Sarkar” controversy. Even “ A R Murugadoss” slammed Bhagyaraj that he favors his assistant Varun. Bhagyaraj didn’t put anything into his ears and continued his work. In an interview, he had said that when he called “ Vijay” to speak about this issue, Vijay had told him to do which is right. Besides this, he said that he had been facing opposition in his house for taking this issue on his hand and yes, Shanthanu Bhagyaraj is an ardent Vijay fan and everyone knows. As Bhagyaraj is against Story Plagiarism, many Vijay fans slammed even Shanthanu along with Bhagyaraj. But, today it is proved that Bhagyaraj stood at the back of an assistant director and helped him get justice. Many people shower appreciation on Bhagyaraj for his righteousness. Comedy actress Aarthi Ganeshkar tweeted, “நேர்மையான தலைவர் இருப்பின் அங்கு தர்மம்வாழும் ..... என் சிரம் தாழ்ந்த வணக்கம் என் குருநாதர் திரு.பாக்கியராஜ் அங்கிள் அவர்களுக்கு ... துனைநின்ற இனணய சாணல்களுக்கும் #VarunRajendran time to prove in screen soon @imKBRshanthnu appa asatheetar.”


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