Producers Against Vijay 62 Shooting!

2018-03-20 13:50

Producers Against Vijay  62 Shooting!

While the Film Industry has been shut down totally, “ Vijay” movie shooting has been going at a quick pace. The film directed by “ A R Murugadoss” is said to have been shot in Victoria Hall. This has irked other producers, who are abiding the rules by Tamilnadu Film Producers Council. “ J Sathishkumar” of JSK Film Corporation angrily tweeted, “Actor #Vijay ‘s shooting is happening now at Victoria Hall. Where is our unity? How can our council give spl permission? I strongly oppose this decision. Don’t split up.” Udhav Naig tweeted, “It is confirmed: despite the total shut down called by the Tamil Film Producer Council, shooting of a film is taking place in Victoria hall, next to Southern Railway building. The film under production is more likely Vijay's film with Murugadoss prod by Sun pictures.” He also says, “A voice note purportedly from a TFPC office bearer says that few companies had sought permission to shoot for a day or two as they wanted to finish their schedules. And these films were given special status to shoot. #TFPCstrike.” To wrap the film on time and to release it for Diwali, the team has got special permission.


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