Sarkar Issue: Judges Support AR Murugadoss!

2018-12-14 15:15

Sarkar Issue: Judges Support AR Murugadoss!
A case under three sections was filed against director “ A R Murugadoss” stating that his “Sarkar” movie has induced the people to turn against the government. In that complaint, it was stated that the film has a scene, firing the freebies provided by the government and it insults the government’s attitude towards the people. Earlier, the Ministers had also stated that the director should not take such kind of movies that are against the government. But, Murugadoss boldly stated that he would not assure that he won’t make such kind of films and if he feels anything wrong, he will project it through the films. In the hearing today, the judges asked, “The citizens have the right to criticize the government’s principles and why shouldn’t they have a different opinion from the government?” They also questioned that when crores of people had watched the film, how could they say that the film has created animosity and file a case? If there are scenes that will induce violence, why did the censor officials allowed the film and why the government didn’t take action against them? The films should be seen just as films, said the judges.


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