Allu Sirish’s Fan Boy Moment!

2018-11-27 12:55

Allu Sirish’s Fan Boy Moment!
Allu Sirish, the youngster from the compound of Geetha Arts, has been choosing good scripts to get a good place in the film industry like his darling brother, Allu Arjun. He revealed that he is the fan of his brother through his tweet and thanked director “ Sukumar” for making a wonderful movie. Here is his tweet about Arya, the super hit film, which made him, his brother’s fan: “I hardly cry when watching films. On 27 Nov 2009, when I saw Arya place a knife on his throat threading to kill himself for his friend, I had tears rolling down my cheeks. That's the moment I became transformed into an Allu Arjun fan. In my opinion, Arya 2 > Arya. It's a cult film which most people dint get back then. Its the ultimate story of love, frienship and sacrifice. And my favorite Allu Arjun film till date. Thank you @aryasukku for making this gem. ” #9yearsofArya…


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