Arthur Christmas Movie Review English
Review for the film " Arthur Christmas"
Runtime: 1 Hour 37 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 23-11-2011
4 / 5.0




With the festive season at the corner and spirits lifted high, there was no better a time for a movie about Christmas to be released than this. Arthur Christmas is an animated film offered in 3D. The movie is about Arthur, Santa’s son, who wants to make this Christmas special for particularly one girl whose gift was unfortunately left behind at the North Pole.

He makes it his point to deliver this gift to the girl in a matter of just 2 hours along with an elf and his grandpa. In doing so, he has to go through different scenarios. This movie is a fun filled experience especially because it releases in that time of the year when everyone is in the spirits for celebrations. 

The movie shows us the much talked about Santa and his headquarters at the North Pole. With that we also then know the extremely high-tech and disciplined mechanism and working off his factory. The animation is cute and a feast to the eye. The story is rather a heartwarming. The directors and writers worked smartly to bring a new element in the movie by bringing the story of Santa’s son who delivers the message and makes that Christmas a perfect one for all. The theme is imaginative. 

Despite the fact that there are an immense number of movies that have been made on a similar theme of Christmas and Santa, this one still manages to win hearts. The animation in the movie is fairly sensational. However, having said that, we can still say that the element of 3D wasn’t all that required after all. It is far better to watch the movie in 2D as it doesn’t make you miss onto anything. 


In keeping with the spirit of Christmas, this quirky and vivid movie will only help in lifting your mood and get you into the merry mode of Christmas.