Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Movie Review

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Movie Review English Movie Review
Review for the film " Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk"
Runtime: 1 Hour 50 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 11-11-2016
Genre: Drama, Comedy
3 / 5.0



The movie has raised hype among the audience because it is one of the finest creations of Ang Lee, a Taiwanese –born American film director. He has directed Brokeback Mountain (2005) and the Life of Pi (2012), received Oscar Awards and many more for various other films. Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk is based on the novel by Ben Fountain with the same name. It is a war drama that portrays the life of the real heroes in the battle .


The story portrays a 19-year-old army specialist who fights in the harrowing Iraq war and gets recognition from the media as real life heroes when they get back home. For a promotional tour, they head to the United States and that’s where the end of the show of the Dallas Cowboys takes place for the Thanks giving game. The soldier Lynn gets caught in PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) where he is taken down the memory lane of his sergeants he has missed during the war.


The highlight of the flick is that director Lee has used the cutting-edge technology that captures the images at 120 frames per second with 4K resolution in a 3D setup. The movie gives an Ultra-HD quality that actually does not enhance the real touch of the characters. It gives a clear-cut of the characters as though they are a cut from a glossy magazine.

Star Performances:

Joe Alwyn (Billy Lynn) has played the role of a young army specialist who wins the battle victoriously and as a new comer he has proved his skill to a great extent. Kristen Stewart (Kathryn Lynn) enacts as Lynn’s sister who is a complete peacenik, who begs her brother not to redeploy in that place. She has done justice to her role. Shroom ( Vin Diesel) has exhibited good performance along with Garrett Hedlund (Sgt. David Dime).

What is there?

1. The cutting-edge technology gives a different experience.

2. The camera wiz John Toll’s work is mind-blowing.

3. The storyline is superb that portrays the life of the army specialist.

What is not there?

1. The technology gives an outlook that does not match with the reality at some places.

2. Very few theatres project the high end quality of the movie because of the limited infrastructure.


The film Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk is an eventful walk of the army specialist’s life presented to the audience in a new dimension.