Edge Of Darkness Movie Review English
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Edge of Darkness"
Runtime: 1 Hour 57 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 29-01-2010
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
3 / 5.0



Plot: A father, detective by profession, loses his daughter right on the doorsteps of his house and takes all efforts to unveil the intent of the murder which as progress unveils many other secrets about her daughter's life and many other things.

What you may like:

1.. The performances by all the actors are beyond beautiful because they will just make you believe in the whole scenario all the more owing to their amazing acting skills.

2. You will always cling to your places and get stuck to the screen to know what's next in the movie because it is so engaging. It will be a ride to watch the whole flick with many scenes catching you off guard.

3. It has some very pulsating and violent actions scenes which will always put you on the edge of your seat especially towards the end of the movie.

4. The movie is exceptionally intriguing, and it is a pleasant comeback by Mel, who is a delight to watch throughout the movie.

5. The kind of character building that is done in the movie has taken sometime in the starting but all for good. It really helped to connect with the characters better.

What you may dislike:

1. You may feel the movie becomes overly dramatic at some points that may not be a very pleasant thing for some viewers who come in hopes to watch a pure Thriller and action movie.

2. There is also a probability to feel that the movie has become rather slow in its pace in the middle of the movie which may disappoint you rendering it to be slightly uneven.

3. It may lead you to reminisce and compare it with other thriller and mystery movies which can be a let down, questioning its novelty.

Verdict: A movie with action, Drama and intriguing turns should definitely be given a watch.