The flick Iron Man 2 is an American movie that hit the screens in 2010. The movie falls into the category of a superhe..

Iron Man 2 Movie Review

Iron Man 2 Movie Review English
Review for the film " Iron Man 2"
Runtime: 2 Hours 04 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 07-05-2010
Genre: Action, Adventure
3.25 / 5.0

The flick Iron Man 2 is an American movie that hit the screens in 2010. The movie falls into the category of a superhero movie.The character Iron Man appears in Marvel Comics. The movie is a production of Marvel Studios, and Paramount Pictures did the distribution for the movie. The movie follows Iron Man that hit the screens in 2008. The movie was directed by Jon Favreau, and the screenplay was by Justin Theroux.

Plot: Following scenes in the original movie Iron Man, Tony Stark is evading the US government that pressurizes him to pass on the Iron Man technology to the Government authorities. The reason for his evasion is that he fears that the technology may be misused. Also, Tony Stark is fighting health problem caused by attachment of a reactor to his body. An evil Russian scientist Ivan Vanko has access to the very same technology that Stark has in his possession. Ivan has hatred for Stark and his family, and he wants to wreak vengeance on the family. Ivan teams up with Stark’s rival Justin Hammer to take revenge on Stark. Virginia Potts and James Rhodes are by Tony’s side in his mission to combat the evil.

Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark, the 'Iron man'. Gwyneth Paltrow has done the role of Virginia Potts, Don Cheadle as James Rhodes, Scarlett Johansson has done the role of Natalie Rushman, Sam Rockwell has played Justin Hammer, Mickey Rourke has played the role of Ivan Vanko, and Samuel L Jackson has played the role of Nick Fury. The plot underlines a cold war that was once running between countries. It has been long since the cold war is forgotten. But, Iran caused alarm among other countries by testing all kinds of nukes. The movie’s plot revolves around a superhero, and there is variation from the reality. The struggle in the movie is not for nuclear weapons but an all powerful armor.

The movie’s luster lies not in the storyline but the actor Downy, who does the superhero. Mickey Rourke comes as Ivan Vanko, who is in possession of the same armor. Scarlett Johansson makes a seductive appearance in the movie.

Verdict: The movie Iron Man 2 lacks the luster seen in its predecessor. But the movie is sure an entertainer for the weekend.