Jobs Movie Review English
Review for the film " Jobs"
Runtime: 2 Hours 09 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 16-08-2013
Genre: Biography
3 / 5.0



This is an American biographical movie based on the life of Steve Jobs, an important pillar in the development of the world famous brand, 'Apple.'

PLOT: This movie gives us a visual experience of the life of Steve Jobs from his college days to how he developed his friend's first PC, under the brand of 'Apple.' He also jumps to Macintosh, and again gets back to Apple. His love and marriage life is also shown in the movie. The way he succeeds, he fails, and the revenge, betrayals, communism, he faced are displayed in the movie.

ANALYSIS: The director explains us about his innovation, his efforts, and his movement towards success in upcoming scenes. Most of the scenes were compelling. This movie had few scenes that seemed to be disoriented from its place. Matt Whitely tries to merge his corporate life and personal life as well. But it turned out to be clumsy.

STAR PERFORMANCES: Kutcher did an excellent job in depicting Steve Jobs. He reproduced all Jobs's mannerisms and reactions on the screen. All the characters share some innovative and nice technological facts and process the movie.

WHAT'S THERE? Job's characteristics are sketched in detail. Most of the events from his college days, and till his death are touched. Jobs was such a perfectionist. It is said when he points out each and every fault with the circuits and makes his co-founder spend more time.

WHAT'S NOT THERE? Though many of the events were discussed, they were dropped abruptly. The director was not able to give those events in detail, as he found the time to be less. Moreover, so much of supporting characters were used, and the clarity went off.

VERDICT: Though "Apple" contains many advanced aspects, even it gets troubled at times.