Man Of Steel Movie Review

Man Of Steel Movie Review English
Review for the film " Man of Steel"
Runtime: 2 Hours 24 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 14-06-2013
3.5 / 5.0



The American flick Man of Steel hit the screens in 2013. The movie falls into the category of superhero movies. The movie draws inspiration from Superman comics. Zack Snyder has directed the movie. The movie has a huge number of artists in it. The movie Man of Steel goes back to the origin of the Superman in the Superman Film Series. Amy Adams has played the role of Lois Lane. Kevin Costner has done the role of Superman’s stepfather. Diane Lane has done the role of Martha Kent, Superman’s stepmom. Michael Shannon has done the role of the villain in the movie. Henry Cavill has done the role of Superman.

Plot: A youth has a sudden realization that he is vested with supernatural powers. Also, he realizes that he does not belong to this world. In the course of years, he is now a young man who sets out to know his identity and his purpose on earth. He has to rush up things before it is too late; else the whole world is doomed.

The director seems to have taken certain things for granted and has drawn inspiration from the original stories. The revelation that the character Lois Lane knows him even before he turns Superman is one such aspect that has never occurred in the series. Superman’s stunts in the movie leave audiences wondering whether those stunts occur in the predecessors. The story may not look like the previous ones. But there is a semblance that the director was not able to avoid. But still, the movie is quite pleasing for viewers under all age categories. But, it does not give the warmth that Zack Snyder’s previous movies gave. Russel Crowe is a talented actor whose pool of talents seems to have been wasted in the movie.

Verdict: The movie Man of Steel is a sure entertainer for the weekend.