Moonrise Kingdom Movie Review

Moonrise Kingdom Movie Review English
Review for the film " Moonrise Kingdom"
Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 25-05-2012
Genre: Comedy, Romance
4 / 5.0


Wes Anderson


  • Director:
  • Movie-Actor:
  • Bill Murray
  • Bruce Willis
  • Edward Norton
  • Movie-Actress:
  • Kara Hayward

Moonlight is an American comedy-drama film directed by Wes Anderson. There were rumors that while making the script of the film director Wes Anderson watched films like A Little Romance, Black Jack, which dealt with young love.


The film is set in 1965 on a small island of New England named New Penzance. The story is about a 12 years old orphan boy Sam (Jared Gilman). He lives in a camp near a lighthouse where a girl Suzy (Kara Hayward) of same age lives with her family. Sam and Suzy met in previous year summer camp during church prayer and since then they have been pen pals. They fell in love and make a secret plan to run away together. They bring their stuff and run to a place named The Moonrise Kingdom. Suzy’s parents go to police captain ( Bruce Willis) to complain. The island police find them in a cove. Now both of them get separated. In this journey when every one denies him help, he meets a Scoutmaster Ward ( Edward Norton), who get agree to help the couple in reuniting. Rest film follows the questions like, how they face problems? What happens to Sam and Suzy?

Star Performances

Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward, both of them did a good job. Bruce Willis is bankable as always; his part is amazing. He thoroughly took hold on his character. Edward Norton is wonderful even in a small but non-negotiable character. It was quite surprising to see Bill Murray in Mr. Bishop’s character, but he was nice.


Director Anderson is quite ok with his direction. While writing his story he has a different world in his mind where no other person lives other than the character. Director Wes Anderson picked a nice plot but fails to execute it properly. The screenplay is not proper.

What’s there?

1. The film has big stars- who are worth to watch.
2. Robert Yeoman did a great work with the cinematography of the film.
3. Well-executed dramatic and comedy scene.

What’s not there?

1. The screenplay of the film is very confused.
2. Lots of flaws in the story.
3. There was no need for some characters and scenes. Bill Murray’s character was not properly developed.


Overall the film looks nice it can be watched once with family and friends especially for its direction and performances.