Spotlight Review English Movie Review
Movie story for the film "Spotlight"
Runtime: 2 Hours 03 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 19-02-2016
4.25 / 5.0



Spotlight is a movie that highlights the concept of investigative journalism, which is applicable even to India. 

Boson Globe had published over 600 articles at the beginning of 2002 that dealt with the sexual torture meted to children by priests for many years. What does the Catholic Church do? Shouldn’t they accept their sins? Instead, they utilize their supremacy to shroud the issue. This took place in Massachusetts. The shocking revelation is that the respectable delegates were also involved in this immoral act. 

Schreiber is the journalist who ignited the spark, and everyone followed suit. He had assumed his post as chief editor of Boston Globe in July 2001. Spotlight is the investigative team of four which dealt with the issue. When the film ends the wrong acts of over 70 priests is brought to light. 

Star Performances

Commitment is in its fullest form in case of star performances. Live Schrieber does an outstanding job as the stoic yet empathetic-when-required manager. Rachel McAdams does full justice to the role of a journalist who gives a pep talk to the victims to bring to light their sufferings. Mark Ruffalo, as a reporter, too has done a convincing job. Micheal Keaton too impresses us with his urge to bring the evil doings to light.


Tom McCarthy, the director cum writer of this movie, has boldly brought this intriguing subject to the big screen. There is no individual in this movie with supernatural powers; they just win with their sheer meticulousness and diligence.

A person is sexually abused by a priest. The victim poses the question as to how you will deny God’s wish. And who is God here? Is it the institution, the prevalent system, etc.? 
Boston Globe garnered The Public Service Prize from Pulitzer Awards team.  

What’s there?

  • The audiences are hooked to the seats though they are mostly aware of what will happen next. Such is the finesse in execution. 
  • Sex abuse issue is handled by the director with the meticulousness that it deserves.
  • The cinematography of Masanobu Takayanagi is handled without any exaggeration. 
  • The editing of the movie is par excellence.
  • Tom McCarthy, the director, and Josh Singer deserve credit for writing a comprehensive script.
  • Spotlight digs the issue in an in-depth manner and questions as to how the issue had been prolonged for such a long period. 
  • The director has empathized with the ordeals faced by the journalists, and it is vivid on the big screen. 
  • The way in which the restlessness of the journalists is dealt with deserves applause. 

What’s not there?

Sorry…the movie barely has any negative point.


The film has something in it….is it its unhurried but balanced way of winning the hearts of the audience? Just watch Spotlight today.