Steve Jobs English Movie Review
Review for the film " Steve Jobs"
Runtime: 2 Hours 02 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 09-10-2015
Genre: Drama
3 / 5.0



There is nothing extraordinary about Steve Jobs but still there is an enigma in it which leaves an impression. This film delivers a strong message that great ideas take birth mainly through relentless hope and vision; you needn’t have to compromise on it.

The biography of Walter Isaacson with the same name Steve Jobs is being used as inspiration for this movie. There are three important events (all the three dealing with computer initiatives) in Steve Job’s life and this is being told in this film. Jobs is showcased in his later stages.

In this Boyle’s directorial endeavor, the triumph of Jobs is shown in a good manner, after facing lots of chaos and confusion in his life. The film neither delves into the Apple Founder’s childhood nor with his struggle with cancer. The greatness of his mind is shown in this movie with meticulous attention to details.

Fassbender’s body language is good and he breathes genius in the movie. Kate Winslet has done a commendable job.

The musical score of Daniel Pemberton is good. The visual texture, told in three formats by cinematographer Alwin Kuchler, is indeed outstanding. The latest history of our times is split into identifiable eras in this film.

Steve Jobs indeed a tight-rope walk for the artists where there is no safety net. And the artistes have indeed done justice to their roles. The script of Sorkin is an asset to the flick. Danny Boyle gives the screenwriting of Sorkin full justice. The solitude of life when in the limelight is shown beautifully in this film.


This film cannot be considered as a biopic at all. The director and screenwriter only try to enunciate that a great mind is not always becoming of an outstanding individual. Though there are complaints about the historical and psychological precision, Steve Jobs does quite a good job. The perfectionist streak and the irate nature of Steve Jobs along with the evolutionary changes of our era is indeed commendable.


Watch it to get a realization of geniuses.