The Expendables Movie Review

The Expendables Movie Review English
Review for the film " The Expendables"
Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 13-08-2010
2.5 / 5.0

The Expendables is a movie on bringing down a dictator by a mercenary group. This movie is directed by Sylvester Stallone and scripted by Stallone and David Callaham. The story is created by Callaham.


A team of mercenaries is placed with a mission by Bruce Willis to topple down David Zayas's government. When Zayas comes to know that his daughter, Giselle Itie, is waterboarded by his commander Eric Roberts, a duel happens between Willis's team, Zayas, and Eric. The climax answers the question of the side that wins.


At the start of the movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger appears with Bruce Willis and Stallone appear for a minute. From that moment, the movie runs with a thin plot.
The narration is poor. None of the dialogues are catchy. They are not memorable as well. They are so plain and silly. Shaky Camera Syndrome is used in this movie. It is utterly terrible. One- fifth of the action scenes is only delivered to the audience. At times, it is difficult to identify who the character is. The sound effects for the scenes are too blaring. 


One could watch the movie for Stallone's performance alone. Jason Statham's role is totally a joke. His fight with the ex- boyfriend is poorly choreographed. The other members of the mercenary do not have much to do with the story. Roberts seems to deliver an overacting performance. Mickey Rourke's character is totally an unnecessary one in the movie. 


The cast selection is extraordinary. Big personalities like Statham, Stallone, Li, Steve Austin, David Zayas, etc. are available in the movie. Unfortunately, they were not utilized much. 


The story is totally bland. This movie is filled with an excess of pointless stunts.


Nothing, but a movie full of blasts.


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