Valentine's Day Movie Review English
Review for the film " Valentine's Day"
Runtime: 2 Hours 05 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 12-02-2010
Genre: Comedy, Romance
3 / 5.0

Plot: The movie is about different couples and their daily struggle of falling in and falling out of love under the clichéd pressure of a day dedicated to love, the Valentine's Day.

What you may like:

1. The stories in the movie are connectable. There won't ever be an issue of believing the script because you can relate to it in someway or the other.

2. This movie is blessed with a star cast that is humongous. It is one of those movies who have probably all the good names of Hollywood.

3. The movie has so much to offer that there isn't just one or two stories going parallel but almost 10 of them which keep going side by side serving the interest of not just young minds but kids as well as older ones too.

4. Some actors have really worked well in the movie. Special mention among so many actors is to Ashton Kutcher, who has really given a good performance. Anne Hathaway has also played her role and is hilarious in the movie.

What you may dislike:

1. The crux of the movie is flawed because it has so many stories going parallel and has been fitted into a time slot of 125 minutes which makes the movie confusing and haywire.

2. Despite the movie having a huge and immensely talented star cast, the disappointing part remains that most of the actors aren't able to give a performance that is up to the mark. Some younger actors weren't able to give even an average level performance making them rather annoying on screen.

3. It is because of so many stories running together that the characters weren't able to build chemistry between each other or establish a kind of relation with the audience.

Verdict: The clichéd script of the movie may make it a waste of time but can be a good way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your date.