War craft is an adventure film which is a fiction tale featuring dreadful Orc warriors invading the peaceful Azeroth tribe to find a home for themselves.

Warcraft Movie Review

Warcraft Movie Review English
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Warcraft"
Runtime: 2 Hours 03 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 10-06-2016
3.5 / 5.0



Warcraft’ is the 3D adventure based on a video game about the clashing of the two worlds.

Plot: The movie begins with the mighty orcs leaving their land, Draenor, which is being destroyed by a phenomenon called Fel magic. Gul’dan, the orc warlock forms the horde by uniting the orc clans and forms a passage into, Azeroth, the land of the humans. Azeroth is ruled by the king, Llane Wrynn, supported by Anduin, the military commander, and Medivh, the Guardian wizard in Azeroth.

The plot of the film spins around these two kingdoms, their fight to take- over each other. The noble Durotan later unites with the humans to defeat the power-hungry and bloodthirsty orc leader, Gul’dan. How they fight the heartless battle and who wins and who gets crushed is what the audience will get to see.

Analysis: Director, Duncan Jones certainly cannot claim ‘Warcraft’ to be his best. Movies like ‘ Source Code’ are better works of the director’s. The screen space is chaotic. Characters are introduced in an unending manner giving less importance to important characters. The game is definitely more fun as at least there would be some definite end whereas in the movie there are loose ends left indicating towards a sequel.

‘Warcraft’ can boast of an eminent ensemble cast but they are not able to come out effectively due to the weak execution of the story. There are emotional ties being tested and families in crisis, but the most of the battle sequence is soulless, devoid of any emotion. There is effective CGI enhancement and over 2000 visual shots which add the larger than life effect on the movie.

Star Performances: The cast is good and are brilliant actors. They play their parts to perfection as the script allows. Ben Foster is the quintessential elder guardian wizard. Actress Paula Patton, who portrays the role of Garona, half human, half- orc whose character is very weakly developed and though she delivers an acceptable performance, the role is nothing more than an extra.

What’s There: The visuals are realistic and quite appealing. The actors deliver their best and will definitely impress the audience.

What’s Not There: The storyline is meandering and does not reach any solid end. The movie is nothing as compared to the video game.

Verdict: The game would definitely be more fun, but the movie will not entirely disappoint. The visuals make up for quite an entertaining show. The end is such so as to leave one waiting for a sequel but honestly, a sequel would not be a very great idea.