Ada... A Way of Life Movie Review

Ada... A Way of Life Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Ada... A Way of Life"
Runtime: 2 Hours 01 Minute
Certificate: UA
Released: 24-12-2010
Genre: Action, Drama, Crime
0.5 / 5.0



This is a story about a decent young boy inflicted by the lost morals of the modern society. Good wins over evil, but it also needs a messiah to scour the evils of the society, and he is the messiah of our times. There is a transition between philosophy and action.


A decent young boy named Ayaan ( Ayaan Ahmad), inspired by his thinker-writer dad ( Rahul Roy), holds a gun to clean the society of the evil hoodlums and gangsters of Mumbai. Pampered as the angel of deliverance by his mother ( Ayesha Jhulka), the boy becomes an outlaw. With all this philosophical talk, moral codes and gunning, he ends up falling in love with a girl (Nauheed Cyrusi).


In spite of good intentions, the movie lacks a lot of perception. Too illogical to represent that a writer can be a gunner for the sake of the greater good. It tends to defy what ones learn. The screenplay of the movie just doesn’t look like it’s in the 2000’s. The only aspect, whatsoever appealing about this film, is the music by A.R.Rahman, which never fails to soothe, inspires and wants you to break a leg.

What’s There?

1. The music of course! Rest of the movie could be watched for the philosophy.

What’s not There?

1. The screenplay does not justify the contemporary modern society.

2. The crooks are hit by this decent, innocent philosophical boy who can’t even kill an ant!

3. The vague storyline, which revolves around an aspect that does not stand for itself in the narration.


Maybe a onetime watch for the music of the movie.


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