Haider Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Movie story for the film "Haider"
Runtime: 2 Hours 42 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 02-10-2014
Genre: Action, Drama, Crime
4.2 / 5.0

The movie “ Haider” is directed by Vishal Bharadwaj, with a huge star cast of Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, ‘ Tabu’, and K.K. Menon. It is produced by Vishal Bhardwaj and Siddharth Roy Kapur.

The hit combination of Vishal Bhardwaj and Shahid Kapoor as director and lead actor, respectively, appeared before in “ Kaminey” and have once again worked their magic on screen.

The film is a modern-day adaptation of Shakespeare’s, “Hamlet”.


Hilaal Meer, a kind-hearted doctor in Kashmir, performs an appendectomy to a militant group leader. To avoid detection from the police forces, he performs the surgery in his home and informs this to his wife, Ghazaala.

Unexpectedly, the military raids his home and finds the presence of the militant leader. They drags him for questioning and bomb his house to kill other militants in his house, if any.

Several years later, Haider, son of Hillaal and Ghazaala, after completion of his university studies, returns to Kashmir to seek answers about the disappearance of his father.

To his surprise, he finds that his mother and his paternal uncle, Khurram, are in a relationship. He also happens to meet his childhood crush, Arshia, a journalist.

Arshia happens to meet a stranger, Roohdar, who was captivated along with Haider’s father. He agrees to share information with him. He reveals that the encapturing of his father was because of his uncle, Khurram, and that he simply wants to pass on his father’s message of revenge against him.

Haider’s brain shatters and due to post-traumatic stress disorder, he becomes confused. He also shaves his head and behaves strangely.

After learning about the meeting of Roohdar and Haider, Khurram tells him that Roohdar was the one responsible for his father’s death. Now, Haider is even more confused and reveals everything to Arshia. He also informs her about Roohdar giving him a gun to kill his uncle.

The next morning, Haider wants to kill his uncle, but fails as his uncle was giving his morning prayers. Arshia’s father tries to capture him, who is informed by her about the presence of a gun with him. However, Haider manages to escape. Now, he wants to get trained by Roohdar in Pakistan to avenge his father and is all set to cross the border when he calls his mother, and asks him to wait as she wants to talk to him for one last time.

During this meeting, Ghazaala tells him that she was the one who told his uncle about the presence of militants in their house without knowing that he was a military informer.

Arshia’s father traces him and finds him, but is killed by Haider. Knowing that her father has been killed by Haider, Arshia’s cannot bare it and kills herself.

Haider reaches the grave of Arshia, where her brother sees him and informs Khurram about him. They engage in a duel, where Haider kills him.

Khurram arrives with his force and a dangerous gunfight between Haider and Khurram’s men emerges, where most of his men get killed when Ghazaala is dropped by Roohdar. She pleads Haider to surrender.

Clouded by the revenge of his father’s death, Haider refuses to surrender until he has killed Khurram. Ghazaala, who had a bomb tied to her waist, runs towards Khurram’s men and triggers the bombs, resulting in a massive explosion, which kills most of Khurram’s men and hurts Khurram badly.

Now, Khurram begs Haider to kill him, but remembering his mother’s words of forgiveness; he doesn’t kill him.


The movie is slow paced, but has some typical content of a crime drama. The well-defined screenplay overcomes the dullness in the script.

Star Performances:

Shahid Kapoor as Haider, and Tabu as his mother have done some incredible performances. The movie has received several awards in regards to its playback music and choreography.

What’s there?

The fabulous performances of the actors mesmerizes the audience. The excellent playback music holds the audiences’ heads on the screens. The movie has been categorized in many genres and has glimpses of each.

What’s not there?

Though “Haider” has several aspects to entertain, it lacks pace in its screenplay.


The movie is excellent to watch along with your family and enjoy with your friends.