Khiladi 786 Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Khiladi 786"
Runtime: 2 Hours 22 minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 03-12-2010
Genre: Action, Comedy
1.5 / 5.0

The idea of matchmaking has never been boring. And incorporating this has surely given Khiladi 786 a comical twist. The hodgepodge in the film is worth laughing at.

Plot:  Himesh Reshammiya claimed to be known for bringing his father’s matchmaking business down is thrown out of the home. He seeks the help of his friend who advices him to stop drinking, but all the chaos leads to a car accident being driven by Asin. She is the daughter of an underworld don, Mithun Charoborty. He only wishes to get his sister married into a decent household and thus assigns Himesh’s father to find a good groom for them or else the consequences would be severe. They find Akshay Kumar, who seems to be the most eligible bachelor around. Will the alliance work? Watch more to know more.

Analysis Those looking for an illogical comedy accompanied by some “Tod Phod”, Khiladi 786 is just their cake. It has a skeletal story not meant for everyone to watch. Debutant director, Ashish has tried his best but because of the gloom and dim script, things could not work out. There is nothing so interesting about this movie, and it is just a time pass comedy. Nevertheless, a few moments are really funny, and those wanting extra masala have to make it a point to watch this film.

Star Performance .Akshay’s extra ordinary acting leaves everyone stunned. He is the body of charm and confidence one wants in this movie. Asin looks good and makes up a good pair with Akshay. All the supporting actors have acted really well.

What is there?

1. Enjoyable music track.

2. Action, comedy, drama all in one film.

3. Good screenplay.

4. Macho action stunts executed.

What is not there?

1. A structured story to go through.

2. Impactful dialogues.

Verdict: A movie with no head or toe. When you are absolutely jobless and have nothing to do, might as well then watch this film.