Love Breakups Zindagi Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Love Breakups Zindagi"
Runtime: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 27-10-2011
Genre: Romance, Comedy
2.5 / 5.0

Jai and Naina are in their own mismatched relationships and both plan on getting married soon. Everything changes when they go for a wedding to Chandigarh and meet each other through common friends. Jai’s friend Govind, a colorful guy, falls in love with Sheila, who has been waiting for her man all her life. Ritu has ice creams after breakups. Dhruv and Radhika, Naina and Jai’s mismatched mates, are total workaholics. The movie revolves around all these people and how they struggle to find the truths about their lives and are in a quest for love. Will each and everyone be able to find love? How will their fates turn their lives? Will they stay where they are or listen to their hearts? To answer these questions, watch the movie.
The movie begins and ends with great liners; “ Someone said that opposites attract” and “ Find someone like minded and get settled in life” respectively. The movie comes out as very sweet and does not involve too many scenes that go harsh on the mind and have too much drama, even in scenes with breakups. The movie has a soft and slow story line. Although the theme is love and everything that surrounds it, what brings the movie alive is its simplicity. The movie is light hearted throughout.

Star performances:
All the actors played their part fairly. Among all Cyrus stood out in his performance. Nothing extraordinary about any of the performances but Dia, as always uses her charm.

What’s there?
All the four songs, composed by Salim Sulaiman, have the perfect positioning in the movie. Some of the scenes did succeed in making the audience laugh.

What’s not there?
The plot is totally predictable. The movie is extremely slow paced. Some scenes could show a little more emotion. In most of the scenes, the punches fail to be delivered well. Dialogue could have been written better.

The movie is a light one and can be watched only if you like slow paced movies.