Mumbai Can Dance Saala Movie Review

Mumbai Can Dance Saala Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Mumbai Can Dance Saala"
Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 02-01-2015
Genre: Thriller
1 / 5.0


This is a story about a bar dancer named Tarannum and her tragic story of being victimized and arrested into situations that entangled her into some very difficult consequences.

What you may like:

It is essentially about Tarannum, a bar dancer.

What you may dislike:

● This movie is utterly stupid and mindless. There is absolutely no element in the movie that could help you remain gripped to the plot of this film and therefore, you end up feeling utterly bored and extremely frustrated by the end of it.
● Rakhi does absolutely no good for the movie and gives some really boring and unappealing item numbers. There is no amount of appeal in this movie that could attract you.
Shakti Kapoor is seen making a cameo which is totally wasted and needless. This is just another digression to an already wavering and confused movie.
● What you will understand from the movie is that it was made out of sheer callousness, and there is absolutely no purpose that this movie endorses. 
● This film essentially was a biopic about a bar dancer who was apparently made a victim of a lot of things that she didn't do intentionally. What we expected from this movie were Tarannum’s struggle and predicament. We, however, realize that this movie ends being nothing more than a film that is full of brainless item numbers and the real motive behind the movie, which was to show us Tarannum's life, goes down the drain.


Do not waste your time on this one.