Nakshatra Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Nakshatra"
Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 29-10-2010
Genre: Romance
2 / 5.0


An aspiring scriptwriter is asked to write a script about a robbery but is entrapped into the frauds of the people around him from which he needs to escape and save himself.
Analysis: It is a movie that is essentially a thriller based one with lots of twists and turns. The twisted plot is on the deception of the innocent and the consequent fight back. The film has some newcomers as lead actors along with some known faces from the film industry like Milind and Anupam Kher.

Star Performances

The main leads of this film are newcomers. Their acting was uninteresting and just not worth watching. They are backed up by some of the veterans from the film industry including Anupam Kher as the villain and Milind as the cop. Anupam does his part fine but seems like a waste of talent for a movie as mundane as this. The part that Milind plays is that of a rugged cop, and it doesn't suit his personality at all which makes it tedious.

What you may like:

The only thing that is pleasant is the presence of Milind. 

What you may dislike:

● The direction of the movie is bad and glitch. So is the editing of the film and the screenplay isn't any good either.
● The acting by everyone in the movie is pathetically done and is depressing to see newcomers act so bad.
● The plot line of the film isn't any good mostly because it is cliched and very predictable which makes it very difficult to watch. 
● The movie is promoted to be a thriller one, but it doesn't have any thrilling aspect to it whatsoever. 


This is definitely a must skip movie.