Plot A man is 40-year-old and is surprisingly also virgin. He ge..

Naughty @ 40 Movie Review

Naughty @ 40 Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Naughty @ 40"
Runtime: 1 Hour 55 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 29-04-2011
Genre: Comedy
1 / 5.0


A man is 40-year-old and is surprisingly also virgin. He gets his life a twist and a new ray of hope when he falls in love with a young girl, but the girl is extremely naive and child-like.


The movie is essentially a sex Comedy, which has been copied and inspired from various sources. There is a definite inspiration that is pretty obvious which is the 40 Year Old Virgin. The movie has a treat for the fans of Govinda or the ones who enjoy sleazy and dirty humor.

Star Performances

 For all Govinda fans, there can be a lot of expectations from this film. They may enjoy seeing Govinda in his famous comic roles but as an actor, he didn't really do any good for the movie. It is high time that Govinda should rethink the choices he makes about the kind of movies he wants to do. Yuvika looks beautiful and acts funny with the kiddish self that she is. The other actors don't do anything remarkably well especially because the script didn't give them any opportunity to do so.

What you may like:

The only thing that can attract the audience into watching this movie is the presence of Govinda in the film. All his fans will really be very excited with another comic film that has him in the lead role.

What you may dislike:

● The director has disappointed big time and has done nothing that can make any better.

● The story isn't original either. There are various sources from which the movie has been plagiarized which makes it just a pure waste of talent and time.

● The movie also lacks the presence of good songs that stay in your mind long after the movie is over.

● The movie fails to hold on to the attention of its audience and proves to be boring after a point of time.

● The humor is not impactful at all, and it is just no funny. The kind of comedy that there is in the movie is mostly sleazy and embarrassing one which makes it difficult to sit through the entire movie.


One should really think a lot of times before actually watching this movie.