New York Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " New York"
Runtime: 2 Hours 33 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 26-06-2009
Genre: Action, Thriller
3.5 / 5.0


Three students study at New York University. They were leading a wonderful life until the infamous 9/11 attacks happened and their lives took a complete twist changing everyone in the process.


 The movie deals with the kind of catastrophe that happened during the 9/11 attacks and even after it. It also shows the predicament of almost everyone who was later looked like a suspect and detained in centers like the Guantanamo Bay. The theme is fairly intense and with it, the movie also cleverly indulges into various sentimental feelings about friends and their unbreakable bond.

Star Performances:

The refreshing part about the cast ensemble of this movie is that it is very fresh, youthful and good looking. Besides this, none of the actors had earlier done anything critically too acclaimed which is why the performance from each of the main cast becomes a matter of appreciation. Katrina looks beautiful and also acts wonderfully which is a pleasant surprise. Same can be said for John Abraham, who really proved his mettle. Neil Nitin Mukesh has done a beautiful job too. Irrfan can never go wrong with his role and portrayal, so this film isn't any exception either.

What you may like:

●  Screenplay of the movie is just so fresh and beautifully done.

● The story is about terrorism which is nothing new but the way it has been dealt with is very novel.

● The songs of the movie are good, and they don't come in the way of the continuity of the movie.

● The pace of the movie is fairly fast, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat always.

What you may dislike:

 Some questionable direction glitches here and there, but all can be very well ignored.


This movie is a must watch because such movies should really be appreciated for the kind of effort that the whole team puts.