Singh Is Bling Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Sing Is Bling"
Runtime: 2 Hours 20 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 02-10-2015
Genre: Action, Comedy
1.5 / 5.0

Akshay Kumar is an actor who has come a long way in the film industry. There is no doubt that his comic timing and action sequences are good. But he should be alert about choosing the right story because masala entertainers may not always work. Well, it’s high time that directors make good use of Akshay’s acting abilities.

Plot: Raftaar Singh passes his time by dancing and doing stunts in the hula-hoops in Punjab. Just like a routine film Raftaar’s father is very upset with his son’s behavior whereas his mother understands. One fine day Akshay’s father asks him to decide about his life. There is another story of Sara fleeing to Goa, perturbed by one Mark in Romania. Here, our dear Raftaar is given the task of looking after Sara. Raftaar has no knowledge in English and the pretty Sara doesn’t know Hindi. And there is the translator Emily in this film. And our Raftaar falls for Sara.

Akshay is indeed a versatile actor and he can do any sort of role with equal panache. In this film too, he has made use of the opportunity. Akshay Kumar steals the show with his comedy and punch dialogues. The innocence of Akshay Kumar in this film is endearing. And with regard to Amy, she fails to emotionally connect with the audience when she is distressed. However, she is very good in the stunt scenes. Also, she has the commercial appeal which may work in favor of her. Lara Dutta returns to the silver screen with this film and in some scenes she manages to make you laugh.

Kay Kay Menon, an actor who has good acting prowess, is wasted in this flick. The film has superb music. This film is also interspersed with Prabhu Deva’s unique style of dancing. On the flip side, the film drags in the second half. What makes this film work? It has bad script, but that’s where the test lies for actors like Akshay Kumar. He virtually lifts the film with his comic timing and superb acting.

Verdict: This is a story which lacks in logic, but nevertheless filled with the required commercial elements to make it a wholesome entertainer. For the masala movie buffs, this film is indeed a treat.