Super Model– Model display of an exercise in futility! Movie Review

Super Model– Model display of an exercise in futility! Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Super Model"
Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 27-09-2013
Genre: Drama
1.5 / 5.0

The film has been variously classified as a drama and also as a thriller. Whatever that may be, it does not go much beyond the confines of a calendar theme with bikini-clad models adorning each page of this ‘calendar’, with one of the prime motives behind the film seems to be the showcasing of the skills and assets of well-endowed ladies like Veena Malik. Some may even detect a similarity between a real life corporate tycoon well known for his promotion of calendar girls with the male lead of the film and one of the characters in the movie.

Plot: A wine baron Dev Walia ( Harsh Chhaya) is on the lookout for high-class models to make endorsements and serve as the launch girls of a new wine brand being introduced. For this, he contracts a noted photographer nicknamed Monty ( Ashmit Patel) for conducting a talent hunt to be held in the scenic Fiji islands. The story takes off from here and deals with the subsequent experiences of the five models that are shortlisted and are to appear in a bikini calendar shoot contest. Each of them is an aspiring model and is keen to become a super model. On reaching Fiji, they soon develop keen rivalry as each of them would like to win this contest. What now follow are some bizarre incidents, triggered off by the murder of one of the contestants. All of them get embroiled in a conspiracy which is fuelled by this seething rivalry that seems to dominate the careers of upcoming models into the fashion industry.

This is because every girl nurtures a secret desire to make it big in the glamorous world of showbiz and becoming a hot shot model, this being one of the obvious routes to fame and glory. Invariably, a lot of struggle, competition and politics get associated due to the extreme competition. One of the key contestants, Rupali (Veena Malik), who also happens to be an aspiring movie actress, seems to be at the centre of suspicion for the series of murders that take place.

Review: About the film and its overall artistic, technical and production qualities all that one can say is that perhaps it was never meant to be taken up seriously by the makers of the film. Drawing inspiration from the calendar shoots of one of the leading liquor brands, the movie weakly tried to develop it into a murder mystery drawing snippets from previous movies of the murder genre. The actors and actresses other than Veena Malik and Harsh Chhaya are all new faces and seem more interested in enjoying their paid holiday in Fiji, and what percolates out as acting is only incidental. That sums up the entire mood behind the making of the film.

Verdict: Those who enjoy liberal doses of skin display in idyllic surroundings may have much to enjoy in the movie, once they have left behind their thinking caps before entering the movie hall.