That Girl in Yellow Boots Movie Review

That Girl in Yellow Boots Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " That Girl in Yellow Boots"
Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 02-09-2011
Genre: Social
3.25 / 5.0

Yellow. The only colour in the life of the protagonist is confined to her boots. You might not see the boots after the introductory scene, but it reveals a lot of changes to which the protagonist succumbs in her journey.

The Plot:

Eager eyes and restless feet wait patiently at the embassy office, for her visa extension. Ruth came to Mumbai to find her father, whose face she hardly would remember because she was a kid when he abandoned the family.

Refusing to leave without finding him, she consequentially becomes an illegal immigrant, who needs to find ways for her survival in the city. Her basic livelihood instincts take her to work in a massage parlour, intermittently warding off local goons who want to take her advantage.

Thus starts her journey, of a not too comforting life, passionless love, a love interest in a drug addict, and an avuncular exception of this regular customer. Who is he? More importantly, does she find her ideal father in her?

The Analysis:

Anurag Kashyap never leaves us with a predictable story line. He knows and works extra hard to push the frontiers of contemporary cinema, to present to us, make us a witness of his maverick mind, which always portrays something different, something new. Ruth’s tale is a coaxing, twisted tale of love, full of despair, and a longing to which you will connect.

With a climax that will send shivers inside, and a sordid tale of incest and sexual abuse, how beautifully Kashyap tells a tale called ‘reality’, in every movie of his. Replete with details, and extra care taken to portray, keeping the sordidness in mind. It is a delight to the mind as well as the soul to watch what Kashyap has for us!