Sathya Harishchandra Movie Review

Sathya Harishchandra Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Sathya Harishchandra"
Runtime: 2 Hours 43 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 20-10-2017
Genre: Romance, Drama
2.9 / 5.0


V Nagendra Prasad
Vijay Prakash
Hunsur Krishnamurthy
Sadhu Kokila
Bhavana Rao
Sanchita Padukone
Dayal Padmanabhan
Imran Sardhariya
Arjun Janya
Supriya Lohith


Having a routine, this film is a reconstruction of a Punjabi film ‘Singh Vs. Kaur’ which has been customized to befit the personality of the lead actor Sharan. The movie has been directed by Dayal Padmanabhan and does not vary much from the initial film. The movie’s cast includes Sharan, Sanchita Padukone, Bhavana Rao, Chikkanna, and Raghu.

Plot :

Satya Harishchandra is a countryman, who has made lying a part of his survival. The film’s plot has absurd twists and turns from lying bringing Satya into such trouble that he is warned about being banished from the village. He fell in love with a girl just by seeing her picture on Facebook and flew to Germany in search of her. Too clumsy a plot for this genre. One lie leading to another, watch the film to know how he tackles the situations with his wit.

Analysis :

As a debut actor in the film Rambo, he has shown a lot of improvement from being a comedian to an actor. Dayal has put in great efforts to give the audience what they expect from Sharan’s movies. The movies’ duration had the second half of it look a little too dragged and not to the point.

Star Performance :

Impressing the audience with the role of an imposter, Sharan has done a great job. The two actors, Sanchita Padukone and Bhavana have looked stunning in the film which adds up to be an advantage for the film. There is a cameo by Sanchari Vijay, which hasn’t had much of an effect and can be overlooked. Arjun Janye has given good music to the film. Other than being a little too overdosed on everything this film has a good cast and crew who have put in a lot of efforts in making us giggle and laugh.

What’s there?

1. The film has taken care of the comedy segment and hadn’t let the audience down.

2. The visual appeal and dialogues are appreciable.

3. The film showcases different locations of India to Europe.

4. Director puts in his best to keep the audience captivated with the film.

What’s not there?

1. The film goes on for two and a half hours, the gags and jokes in that sense make it exhausting and seem very long.

2. The film does not hold consistency, in one moment it makes you feel it is the best film and in another falls flat.

3. The originality is missing, and the screenplay has many untoward scenes invoked in it.

Verdict :

Apart from the flaws, Satya Harishchandra is a one-time watch and is enjoyable.


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