Drama Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Drama"
Runtime: 2 Hours 16 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 01-11-2018
Genre: Comedy, Drama
3 / 5.0


Suresh Krishna
Komal Sharma
Asha Sarath
Subi Suresh
Ranjith Balakrishnan
Arundathi Nag
Bijibal Maniyil
Renji Panicker
Tini Tom
Dileesh Pothan
Sandeep Kumar
Vinu Thomas
Johny Antony
Murali Menon
BK Harinarayanan
Alagappan N.


“Drama” is scripted and directed by Ranjith Balakrishnan. The film has the star cast of “ Mohanlal,” Asha Sarath, Arundathi Nag, “ Shyamaprasad,” “ Kanika,”Baiju Santhosh, Johny Antony, Subi Suresh, Niranj, Dileesh Pothan, Renji Panicker, Tini Tom, Suresh Krishna, Jaffer Idukki and Shallin Zoya. Vinu Thomas composed the songs and “Bijibal” composed the BGM. “Alagappan N” cranked the camera and Sandeep Nandakumar edited the film. M. K. Nassar and Maha Subair produced the film under the banner Varnachithra Goodline Productions and Lilypad Motion Pictures UK.


Rosamma, the lady from Kattappana, moves to London with her daughter, after her husband’s death. Although she is in London, her memories roll around her native. Her final wish is to get a place near her husband’s grave. But, after her death, her family decided to bury her in London. They contacted Lopez and Raju for this purpose. Although they wanted to do it to make money, Raju hears about the last wish of Rosamma and tries to fulfill it. Did he succeed in it? Watch the film in theaters!

Star Performance

Arundathi Nag lived in the character, Rosamma. She had done complete justice to her role. Mohanlal had tried out his best. Rest of the stars had done what is needed from them.


Except for the different script, we could expect all the regular elements from Ranjith. His usual dialogues, the way women are handled and all the other things related to it. The director has narrated the present condition of the families and their sentiments. Mohanlal is seen in a new role and we couldn’t say he fits in the role, but couldn’t deny his natural performance too. The production values and the technical values are good.

What’s There?

  • Stunning performance by Arundathi Nag
  • Sentiments of an old woman is beautifully described

What’s Not There?

  • Script and screenplay seems to be half-baked
  • The dialogues are not much impressive


Although the film has star performers, with the weak screenplay, they could not make it big. People expect more from Ranjith and Mohanlal combo. Yet, it is a good film to watch, once!


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