Plot: One would have lost count of the films whic..

Loham Movie Review

Loham Review Malayalam
Review for the film " Loham"
Runtime: 2 Hours 09 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 20-08-2015
Genre: Thriller
3 / 5.0

Plot: One would have lost count of the films which centered on invincible heroes who made the baddies fools and walked away with a triumphant smile towards the end of the film. Loham is also one such film. If you are a die-hard fan of Mohanlal then you can surely watch it once. Here Mohanlal is seen with a rolled up mustache. 

 The very look of the film will make you realize that this film is an adaptation of different movies. It is indeed saddening to think that, Ranjith and Mohanlal, who have given worthy films in the past, have succumbed to such a pitiable film whose only strength is Mohanlal. 

 The characters are pushed into the film just for the sake of it. There are certainly some funny sequences to tickle your humorous bone but there is nothing more than that. Also, the gimmicks are really frustrating. Siddique and Sowbin Shaheer are the real entertainers of the film, alongside Mohanlal. 

 Though Lal performs his role with great sincerity, it doesn’t do any good to this film. Definitely a sluggish attempt…. The loopholes in the scripting are very glaring; the bad world of smuggling is experimented in this film, but the way the screenplay is presented is predictable. One of the very few solaces of the film is the interval punch. The music of Sreevalsan is indeed splendid. 

The film is all about a gold trafficking issue. A man is killed and his body is used to deal with gold. And you would have guessed what happens next. Yes, his wife, Andrea Jeremiah, goes in search of the murdered husband and Mohanlal makes his appearance as a taxi driver. And who is Mohanlal? That is the highlight of the story.

 The start of the film is good, but moving further we tend to think whether the respect given to Mohanlal’s character is really necessary. As a whole Loham is just an average film.

Cast: Mohanlal as Rajeev Sathyamoorthy / Raju

         Siddique as Muhammed Unni

Andrea Jeremiah as Jayanthi Ramesh

Abu Salim as Ameer Amanullah

Renji Panicker as Albert

Ajmal Ameer as Azhagan Perumaal