Singaravelan is story of a man who sets out on a search of a women whom he has to marry as his word given to his mother before she is leaving | Know more

Singaravelan Movie Review

Singaravelan Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Review for the film " Singaravelan"
Runtime: 2 Hours 48 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 14-09-2013
2.75 / 5.0



Dileep’s strength is comedy and Singaravelan is another film which is a wholesome entertainer, threby providing a perfect treat to the actor’s fans.


Dileep is interested in fashion desgining rather than taking up his family business which is weaving. Babu Nambootiri, his father, does weaving business in Kuthampully. Dileep doesn’t want to work hard but want to find some easy ways to earn more money.

Kalabhavan Shajohn and Lal are his good friends and Lal happens to be a goonda. Once Dileep’s father asks him to go to Kovilakam to study fashion designing but Dileep has something else in mind. Dileep endeavors into several ways to make quick money but he stumbles in that attempt. Obviously this irks his father. Vedhika plays the lady love of Dileep in the film. Watch the film to know how the different characters get involved in various problems and finally come out of it.

Star Performances

Dileep has delivered his best and it is a treat to watch him on screen. Lal has done what is required of him while Kalabhavan Shajon is quite good. Baburaj could have done better. Vedhika has no scope to perform and just ups the glamour quotient.


The film is directed by Jose Thomas. The team of Mayamohini has come out with another film. The makers have made the film to be a mass entertainer and they have succeeded in that. However, one cannot expect the film to satisfy all types of audiences.

What’s there?

The film’s humor works in pieces.

What’s not there?

  • Though the film is packed with humor, sometimes the audience may be bored.
  • The first half drags and may test your patience. The comedy element could have been better here.


Dileep’s fans will find this film nothing short of entertaining…..Go for it….