Sudani From Nigeria Movie Review

Sudani From Nigeria Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Review for the film " Sudani From Nigeria"
Runtime: 2 Hours 03 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 23-03-2018
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sports
3.5 / 5.0


Soubin Shahir
Sameer Thahir
Shyju Khalid
Tapas Nayak
Hari Narayanan
Rex VIjayan
Shahabaz Aman
Samuel Abiola Robinson
Mashar Hamsa
Noufal Abdullah
Vishnu Thandassery


Sudani From Nigeria is a comedy-drama scripted and directed by “Zakariya.” Along with Zakariya, Muhsin Parari had co-penned the dialogues. Sameer Thahir and Shyju Khalid produced the film. Sameer Thahir is the cinematographer of this movie too. The film features Soubin Shahir and Samuel Abiola Robinson in the lead roles. The film also features Aneesh G Menon, KTC Abdulla, Savithri Sreedharan, Sarasa Balussery, Lukman Lukku, Abhiram Pothuval, Navas Vallikkunnu, Sidheek Kodiyathur, Ashraf Thangal, Mashar Hamsa, Ashraf Hamsa, Najeeb Kuttippuram, Hikmathulla and Unni Nair. The music composition is by Rex Vijayan and Shahabaz Aman. Naufal Abdullah edited the film.


Samuel is a football player from Nigeria, who plays for Malappuram team for the Sevens Tournament, along with some more Nigerians. While playing, he injures his leg. As Samuel got his leg hurt, Majeed, the Football Club Manager, takes him to his home. After he takes the Nigerian to his home, a series of unwanted things happen. How did Majeed overcome the troubles? Watch the film on the silver screen.

Star Performance

Soubin Shahir had always impressed the audiences with his excellent performance. He had done his role perfectly in this film, as usual. The new star from Nigeria, Samuels surprises the viewers with his casual performance. Savithri Sreedharan and Sarasa Balussery also impress the audiences with their natural performances.


Although we have seen some sports-based film in Mollywood, this story is new. In fact, it is a refreshing one. Unlike the usual cop dramas and the rom-com entertainers, Sudani From Nigeria stands unique in its genre. Although there are minor flaws in the film, the film is sure to attract everyone.  

What’s There?

  • Performances of the stars are quite natural
  • Fresh script and good star cast
  • Neat execution and impressive production values

What’s Not There?

  • Except for some minor flaws nothing big as negative


Sudani From Nigeria is one among the rare films that impress all the audiences. If you want to spend your weekend stress-free, then watch the film and you will like it for sure.