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Anjukku Onnu Movie Review

Anjukku Onnu Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Anjukku Onnu"
Runtime: 2 Hours 13 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 18-11-2016
Genre: Action, Romance
2.25 / 5.0



Anjukku Onnu has hit the screens silently. Now let’s see how this movie has turned out to be.


There are five friends in the movie who are construction workers. One guy falls in love with a girl who also comes to work in the construction job. How does the friendship of the five guys progress in the course of the movie? Watch the movie Anjukku Onnu to know.

Star Performances

The movie progresses with the friendship and love element. The lead actors have done an average job. Singam Puli steals the show and gets applause for his superb comedy. From the start to end, he excels in comedy.


The execution of Anjukku Onnu by the director is is in such a way that though the comedy of Singam Puli is the strongpoint, the movie has its share of hiccups too.

What’s there?

• Singam Puli’s comedy is the highlight of the movie.

• Visuals of Anjukku Onnu is commendable.

• Songs of Anjukku Onnu are average.

What’s not there?

There are some scenes in Anjukku Onnu which will test your patience.


Though the movie has its flaws it is worth watching for the comedy of Singam Puli.