Kathukutti Aka Kaththukkutti Movie Review Movie Review

Kathukutti Aka Kaththukkutti Movie Review Movie Review Tamil
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Kathukutti"
Runtime: 2 Hours 20 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 09-10-2015
Genre: Comedy, Social
2 / 5.0

Once in a while, we need films that have this rural flavor in it and a film that reminds us about the plight of Indian farmers. The music, the people, the slang and even the humor in KathuKkutty had this rural essence, and I fell in love at the very first sight. But that's just for a moment, though. The film also touches on the ever growing methane exploration issue in Tamil Nadu and its adverse effects. Honestly, the film was more focused on the comedy track rather than delivering a social message and that's the reason this film might work in the BO. Who cares about the social message, all we want is entertainment (satire intended). This is what that lacked in 49O, which was also based on farmer issues.

Plot: The plot is about the efforts made to stop the methane gas generation. But that's just 5% of the movie. Its more about two jobless youngsters, Arivu and Ginger and their lives. Arivu's father is a seasoned politician, but never gets a chance to become an MLA but Arivu gets a chance to crack it. Will Arivu become a MLA and do good for his constituency? That forms the rest of the story. Of course he wins and there ends the story.

Director Saravanan chose the comedy route, but slightly touched upon the farmer suicides, globalization and methane exploration issues in TN. But he stops right there and refuses to go in depth and create an emotional connect with the audience. He missed a trick to strike a right balance between being too preachy or being too uninspiring. However, he injected generous amounts of humor that will save him at the end of the day. Technically, it is not a great film and I ignored it right from the beginning. The cuts were abrupt and the music was loud sometimes. I somehow liked the Soori-Naren combination. They complimented each other quite well. The comedy scenes turned out to be really good. Srushti played a bold village girl and no major complaints on her acting skills. Bharathiraja brings in all his experience and excelled in a subtle father character. Other supporting characters were just fine too.

Verdict: Overall, KathuKkutty is a decent film that's watchable for its ample humor quotient, but I wished the director went a bit deeper into the farmer issues and created an emotional connect with the audience. It is good to see Naren back and KathuKkutty is definitely watchable.