Summary: Chitrangada is a movie starring Anjali. The movie was a..

Chitrangada Movie Review

Chitrangada Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Chitrangada"
Runtime: 2 Hours 25 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 10-03-2017
Genre: Horror
2.5 / 5.0




Chitrangada is a movie starring Anjali. The movie was awaiting the release for quite a long time. The movie finally hit the screens on March 10th, 2017. Let us see how the movie fares in theaters.


Anjali has done the roe of Chitra in the movie. She does the role of a college professor in the movie. She finds out that she is suddenly attracted towards women. She is not alone attracted, but has a sexual desire for women. Chitra is a psychology professor herself, and she is left without clue about the phenomenon that has taken over her. Also, she faces complaints from staff and the students abouth the change in her behavior. Chitra takes a trip to the US so as to unveil the mystery behind her dreams and sudden change in behavior.

Star performances:

Anjali going behind women and the backstory that it has got, such stuff as this create an inducing scenario to watch the movie. Anjali has got a strong character in the movie and she tries her level best throughout and takes the responsibility of carrying forward the movie. Jayaprakash does the role of doctor and he has done it well. Arjuna Bajwa, a Hindi actor has done the negative role and he impresses in whatever short span of time that he is provided with. His appearance with Sindhu Tolani has been done well and makes the last fifteen minutes of the movie quite appeasing.


The movie’s script is pretty good. The movie takes a severe blow as the execution of the plot is not that good. After taking up a good plot, the director has failed to carry out things in a proper manner. A simple thriller like this has been dragged for over two hours and twenty minutes and it irritates the audience. The role done by Anjali is out of the way and one is not able to make out what she is trying to do. Also, the way she appears in attires does not help much. A good actor like her looks helpless and is pushed to acting in an exaggerated manner. With no rhyme or reason, songs keep emerging in the movie. Actress Swati Dixit is wasted in her role.

What is there?

Dialogues in the movie are good and the production is okay. Camera work is pretty good. The locations have been suitably shown in the movie. The production values are okay as most of the movie is shot in the United States.

What is not there?

The music is horrible and also the background music. Editing is not that good and half an hour of the movie could have been easily cropped.


Taking everything into account, Chitrangada has got a good script. But the proceedings in the movie are dragged and make it appear lethargic. The movie is just manageable for the weekend.