Plot: This is a remake of Tamil movie Arima Nambi..

Dynamite movie Review

Dynamite - Review Telugu
Review for the film " Dynamite"
Runtime: 2 Hours 22 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 04-09-2015
Genre: Thriller
2.7 / 5.0

Plot: This is a remake of Tamil movie Arima Nambi and a spy thriller.

 The hero of the film Shivaji meets a college girl Anamika in a coffee shop and wants to date her. When she finally calls him to her apartment to have drinks, the lady gets kidnapped. While Shiva files a police complaint but they find no clue in his complaints and sets aside the kidnapping mystery. Shivaji then decides to track the whole issue himself and finds out that the lady is a daughter of channel owner, who has been killed for want of a micro chips SD card and now the gangster were just behind Anamika in want of the SD card. 

 The first half of the film has many action scenes and confrontation between the hero and villain is appealing. The second half of the movie is lost in poor screenplay. 

 Shivaji, played by Manchu Vishnu, worked very hard on stunt scenes and performed well. His role is a digital professional, does not match the  stunts shown. May be this is to retain the filmy appeal. Heroine Pranitha, just wears skirts  and dressing just titillate the audience. She has not much to perform in this film. J D Chakravarthy as villain is not very impressive. 

 The work of stunt choreographer Vijayan is impressive. The film has two music directors, one meant to for background appeal and another to set music and both have given mediocre results. Production values are rich in this film. Cinematography by Muthyala is pretty good. Editing by Shekar is average. 

The combination of Deva Katta and Vishnu Manchu had brought much curiosity in the industry as the duo would click in box office. The film is no doubt is an average thriller which would go well for action lover. audiences.

Cast: Shivaji as Vishnu Manchu

          Anamika as Pranitha